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These days it is absolutely essential to have a relevant domain name as it is probably the most important single identifier for your business. It will be part of your web address and email addresses so it will appear on all your business stationery, advertisements, vehicles – anywhere that your business name appears.

We have many years’ experience in providing domain names to suit businesses. It is not always as straightforward as you might think. The phenomenal growth of the internet in recent years has seen domain names being snapped up at an alarming rate. If your business has a popular name it is almost certain that the first choice of domain name will have been registered by someone else. However, we have never failed to find a suitable alternative for our customers. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will come back quickly with a list of available names.

If you haven’t yet decided upon a business name, you are in an extremely fortunate position. Don’t waste the opportunity! Take our own company name as an example; we made it up and checked that no one else had used it*. That meant that we were able to register all the options we required: .co.uk, .com and .net.

Why register more than one domain name?

As a rule, a UK business should register a .co.uk domain name. However, a .com address can work well for some businesses, particularly those involved in worldwide e-commerce. Also, Internet businesses could have a .net address and limited companies have the option of .ltd.uk. There are others, but it is best to start with the ones mentioned.

Another reason is simply to avoid someone else registering the same name with a different suffix. This can lead to confusion between the websites and businesses. Once a name has gone to someone else, it is unlikely that you will ever be able to get it back and we would strongly recommend registering all the versions that are appropriate to your business. Domain names are valuable commodities but are not expensive to purchase and or maintain, so it will be a good investment. We will point them all to the same hosting account and you will have the choice of which one to use as the default.

What is the result of doing this?

Let's assume your default domain name is mybusiness.co.uk and you have also registered mybusiness.com and mybusiness.ltd.uk. Whichever of these addresses is entered in the browser, your site will appear. Likewise, if your email address is info@mybusiness.co.uk, mail addressed to info@mybusiness.com or info@mybusiness.ltd.uk will also be delivered to your mailbox. There is no extra charge for setting up these services.


Having registered your domain name or domain names, we can usually have a "business web card" web page and all email services running live within 24 hours for a .co.uk domain and 48 hours for a .com domain. This means that you can immediately start to advertise your domain name with confidence. Visitors to the site will find useful information including your contact details and an email link rather than just an "under construction" message.

If you haven’t yet set up your PC to accept email, or even if you don’t yet have a PC, you will be able to access your email from any Internet-enabled computer via Webmail. You can log on to this via any web browser and read, reply to, forward or create emails.

See the Hosting page for full details of our hosting plans.


We upload your developing website to a password-protected location to enable you to provide feedback as the site develops. We have found this to be an extremely efficient way of working with our customers. You can see the site design and also monitor its download speed and ease of navigation right from the start.

Positive results from day one

Our whole approach is based on results, giving you something tangible as quickly as possible. When you are ready to release the site live, it can be done in minutes. We often make the decision with the customer to release the site before everything is complete in order to let it start producing results as soon as possible. This is quite acceptable as long as the information supplied is accurate and that the site visitor is informed in such a way that the message is positive. For example: "We have released the site early to provide you with some useful information about our business. We aim to complete the project by <date>, so please keep coming back to see how we’re doing." . Visitors will understand this and see it as a positive thing. The popular message "Site under construction" doesn't convey quite such a positive message, even when it includes an animation of a man with a shovel!

So, if you want to get things moving quickly and efficiently, please get in touch. We are here to help and will always be willing to discuss your ideas with no obligation.

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* We are often asked where did ORAICA name came from. Well, here's the answer ...

We made it up! We started with two positive Greek words: Oraia (wonderful) and Eureka (I have found / exclamation of triumph). We changed the K to a C, just because we thought it looked better, and there it was - ORAICA.