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1. Before attempting to configure your computer to dial-up to our network, please make sure you have created a dial-up account from the 'dial-up' section of your control panel.

2. Once you have successfully created a dial-up account, please use the 'setup' link next to the dial-up account you wish you use, then click on 'Download Dialup Settings' to configure you computer to dial into Oraica.

3. When presented with the following screen, select 'Open' to configure your computer immediately, or 'Save' to store the configuration file on your computer.

4. If you chose to open the file, you will be presented with the following:

5. Select 'OK' to proceed with the modification. A dial-up account will be created named 'Oraica' on your computer. This dial-up account will allow you to have unlimited access to the internet charged at your normal Local Call charge.

6. Alternatively you can manually configure dialup networking with the following settings:

Telephone Number: 0845 112 5000
Username: The username for a dialup account can be obtained from the Dialup page
Password: The password you specified when creating the dialup account
DNS Servers: You should not normally specify DNS servers and instead allow our servers to assign them when you connect, however if your system configuration demands that you specify DNS servers, use:


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