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1. Before attempting to configure your computer to collect email from our network, please make sure you have created a mailbox account from the 'Mailboxes' section of your control panel.

2. Once you have successfully created a mailbox, you need to launch Outlook Express and choose 'Accounts...' from the 'Tools' Menu:

2. Choose 'Mail...' from clicking the 'Add...' button:

3. Fill out the Required boxes using the following details:

Incoming (POP) Server: pop.oraica.com
Outgoing (SMTP) Server: If you use our dialup service to connect to the internet, use:


Otherwise use the SMTP mail server of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that you use to connect to the Internet. This information can usually be found on your ISP's web site or by contacting their support department.

If your Internet access provider does not have an SMTP mail server for you to use, you can send mail through our SMTP server shown above provided your mail client supports SMTP authentication, authenticate with your mailbox username and password.

Username: The username for a mailbox can be obtained from the Mailboxes page
Password: The password you specified when creating the mailbox
Email Address: This is the address shown in the 'from' field of messages that you send. You should specify your new email address at your domain (i.e. yourname@domain.co.uk) here in order to present the most professional image.

4. Once all details are entered, click 'Finish' to complete the wizard.

5. To configure Outlook Express to use our SMTP server, select the mailbox in the window click and 'Properties'.
Select the 'Servers' tab, and tick the 'My server requires authentication' checkbox.
Click on the 'Settings' button, and choose 'Log on using' from the next window,.
Enter your mailbox username and password and click on 'OK'.

You can now perform a send and receive to deliver your email.


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